If you live in Seattle, and you’ve been thinking about the possibility of getting rid of your car but don’t know if it’s feasible, you might want to think about trying the One Less Car Challenge:

What is the One Less Car Challenge?

The One Less Car Challenge is a new program that gives you a taste of living with one less car. Basically, you go on a “car diet” for a month by not driving your second car – or your only car. You’ll get great tips on how to get around by bus, bike & foot, as well as some nifty incentives – like some free Flexcar use for the month.

You may even prove to yourself that you don’t need that extra car. If you sell your extra car, you’ll get even bigger incentives – and save yourself thousands of dollars a year!

Flexcar will reimburse you $50/month (max two months) of Flexcar time if you participate. And if you end up selling or donating your car after the end of the challenge, you’ll get an extra $100/month of Flexcar credit for up to six months.

I think this is a great idea.

Learn more here.