Moving to a new URL…

September 1, 2006

This blog is an experiment slash dare to myself in a couple different ways.

One, to see if there really is something to be discovered in the mashing up of technology, psychology, self-help, game theory, and silliness. I think there is.

Two, it was a test for myself to see if I could bootstrap the blog to gain some readers without publicizing it or linking to it from any of my other projects. Thanks to Gina from Lifehacker and Merlin Mann from 43 Folders, who have a very keen eye watching all corners of the internet and were kind enough to link to me a couple times, I did gain a significant number of readers.

Three, I was curious to see if this experiment could eventually be incorporated into my other projects at The Robot Co-op.

And so, today, which also happens to be the 2nd anniversary of the day we started our company, we’re launching a new blog called Mutual Improvement which will be very similar to this blog in spirit, but even more ambitious and wild. I’ll be continuing the series of cognitive biases and exercises for lost souls (and rewriting many of the existing ones as well) and many of the other ideas I’ve started up.

So, if anything from the last couple months has peaked your interest, please update your bookmarks, add this new RSS feed, read about our new inspiration, and enjoy.

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Erik Benson