Find your clean sweep score (Exercise #22)

August 30, 2006

This is an exercise in finding one thing explicitly and one thing implicitly.  First, measure yourself against a fairly conservative and responsible checklist of things that should increase your personal freedom.  Second, find your hidden personal biases against certain seemingly responsible behaviors.

According to the Better Me website the Clean Sweep Program is:

A checklist of 100 items which, when completed, give one complete personal freedom. These 100 items are grouped in 4 areas of life with 25 in each group: Physical Environment, Well-being, Money and Relationships. These 4 areas are the cornerstone for a strong and healthy life and the program helps a person to clean up, restore and polish virtually every aspect of his/her life. The program takes between 6 – 24 months to complete.

It’s a bold claim.  At first I was curious about which authority they were claiming that these 100 things are actually worth achieving.  The creator of this site, Michael Cooper, is a graduate of Coach University and I think these 100 things are something from their program… and prospective new coaches are encouraged to get their own lives in order before coaching others.

The 100 things are split up into four categories: Physical Environment, Well-being, Money, and Relationships.  Each category has 25 things that, together, imply health and personal freedom.  The idea is that the best way to solve problems and improve yourself is to create the space and mental state that best accommodates problem solving and self-improvement.

I took it and got a 77 out of 100.  I think I cheated on a few though.  I have strong personal preferences against a couple of them (mostly drinking caffeine and alcohol).  However an interesting comment from them is:

Those last 5 or 10 are the ones which are most worth taking care of, given our egos are well entrenched among these incompletions.

That seems true to me.  We all have personal behaviors or habits that we believe our personality is permanently intertwined with.  For that reason alone I suggest that you take this test and pay particular attention to the things on the list that you say to yourself either “Not only do I not want to do that, but I think it’s wrong” or “It’s not that I don’t want to do that, it’s that I can’t”.  Both of these responses indicate a strong emotional conflict between your behaviors and your actual self.  Take a look at WHY you think something is wrong or impossible and you may find some deeply rooted hidden biases in yourself.


2 Responses to “Find your clean sweep score (Exercise #22)”

  1. Chaoco Says:

    This checklist is a very nice list. It is a generaliziation, of what any would wish. Unfortunately, it will leave you with an endless emptiness as you go about accomplishing 100% satisfaction. There are some people in this world with dark surfacings and this would in no way be applicable to 82% of the populated world. Just be glad that as many people who are willing to kill each other in war and domestic; as are those who are willing to save the two who are now injured and crying. Be glad you breath when you wake and dream when you sleep.
    The world is in a very sad state. No one left to help. If anyone is out there reading this and would like real freedom. I urge you, not as one but many to stand as one. Take back your cities. Take back your front yards. Take back your choices. Free yourself, from control.

  2. Capri Jones Says:

    Thanks for suppling this information. I found it very helpful inspriing to take charge of the deeply etrenched habits holding me back from personal freedom. Thanks again.

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