Lose weight with Traineo.com

August 18, 2006

Traineo logo

Traineo is a new website that helps you meet your diet and exercise goals with a bit of peer pressure. An interesting web 2.0 take on it, and one that I’ve been waiting for. Since I’m not much of a diet-watcher, some of the tools seem a little awkward: you have to rate your diet subjectively (poor to great) and that you enter your calories in by number. I’m curious to see whether or not that data has any value over time especially since I don’t know inuitively how many calories are in things.

The best feature is how you can add motivators… these are people that will be emailed either your weight change or your actual weight (you can set that up in the preferences) weekly and will therefore serve to deliver a continuous but friendly stream of peer pressure to you.

(Found via Lifehacker)


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