Four ways to tie a tie

June 18, 2006

Being on the west coast, I don't wear ties very often.  Going to church, weddings, funerals, and the occassional party is about it.  Every time I need to put on a tie, though, I panic because I have this feeling that there is some kind of tie magic that everyone else has and that I don't have.  I tie bad ties.  So, on this quiet Sunday, I decided that I was going to learn how to tie a tie… four ways!

Here's a website that explains the four ways: Learn how to tie a tie.

The four ways are:

  1. Windsor Knot: A thick professional knot.  The one I was taught.
  2. Half Windsor Knot: A modest version of the Windsor… good for thick ties.
  3. Four in Hand Knot: A narrow, more discreet knot.
  4. Pratt Knot (aka the Shelby Knot): A medium knot.

There's a video for sale on his site too.  Seems a little silly.  Here are a few funny videos (with encouraging soundtracks) I found on YouTube that might help… 

You're on your own with the Pratt knot, I guess.


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