Travel with only a carry on, no checked bags (Exercise #19)

June 16, 2006

I like to travel without luggage.  I just went to San Jose for three days and only brought a bag left over from a trip to Kenneth Cole.  Not having luggage makes you think twice about what you bring and how you bring it.  My flimsy bag might fall apart in the rain, and can't carry anything too heavy.  Also, it might spill out anywhere.  You may not need to be as extreme in your own travels, but here's a good set of tips on traveling light:

Carrying off the art of one carry on [via 43 Folders]

Another interesting link from the comments on 43 Folders was this site: One Bag: The art and science of traveling light.


4 Responses to “Travel with only a carry on, no checked bags (Exercise #19)”

  1. maggie Says:

    I agree. Checking luggage is for suckers. However…I just have my little vintage suitcase and I can’t check it because it doesn’t lock and I’m afraid it will spring open in the cargo hold. This got me in trouble once when the plane was so overloaded there was no more room for luggage by the time I got to board. They found space in the first class section but not after some tears and scrambling for duct tape. And then I got booed by other grumpy, envious passengers! So I think it is probably smart to carry something sturdier than a shopping bag unless you are sure it will fit under the seat because you never know when, despite your lightest packing intentions, you will be forced to check.

  2. Pronoia Says:

    Nobody would ever force you to check a shopping bag, would they? The more ridiculous it is, the fewer rules people will believe apply. Let some other sucker check their sturdy luggage.

  3. maggie Says:

    Next time I fly I’m not even taking a bag. I’m just going to carry all my clothes in my arms because that’s how hardcore I am. Now who’s the sucker, bag man?

  4. reeses Says:

    Clothes? I’m flying Air Ibiza from now on!

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