What are your beliefs about money?

June 10, 2006

We all have a complex set of beliefs about money which in turn dictate how we deal with money and what we expect from money.  At the same time that we realize that almost everyone has different beliefs about money, none of us really examine and consciously choose our own beliefs about money.  Beliefs about money are self-fulfilling, and our own relationship with money will be determined largely by our beliefs about it.

Ask yourself some of these questions about money to find out what you are telling yourself about money:

  • Do you believe more money will make you happier?
  • Do you spend money as soon as you get it?
  • Do you have enough money?
  • Where does money come from?
  • Does making money require hard work?
  • Does money corrupt?
  • What can money buy?
  • Is there a shortage of money in the world?
  • Do you want to be rich?
  • Do you deserve to be rich?
  • How much money does it take to be rich? 

It's interesting to think about these questions because they expose so much about our outlook on life.  Money is a unit of the universe that's almost on par with space and time.  So many people feel like they don't have enough money, enough time, or enough space to live and feel free.  But at the same time,  people will consciously answer that they don't really think money will make them ultimately happier.  So where is the tipping point where you have enough money, and you are as happy as you'll ever be even if you make more, or win a lottery, or dig up lost treasure?  Think really hard about it and come up with an exact figure.  Fill in this blank:

I would be rich in money, and derive as much possible happiness from money, if I had $_______.

Then, ask yourself this question:

Do I deserve to have $X (the amount from the blank above), and have what it takes to get it?

If you answered "no" to the second question, you are self-sabotaging yourself.  You are setting up a goal for an ideal setup and then simultaneously cutting yourself off from realizing it.  This is a very dangerous and harmful mindset to live with, because even if opportunities for this money came about, you would subconsciously talk yourself out of them because you don't believe you deserve to have it.  I would suggest that you either lower the amount of money that you think you deserve until you feel like it's something you truly deserve, or better yet, ask yourself why you don't think you have what it takes to reach your financial goals.  Many beliefs about money are centered around the assumption that there's not enough money for everyone.  Why not?  What beliefs about the universe and yourself are leading to this belief? 

What other beliefs are possible?

Is it possible to believe that there's enough money for everyone?  That money is not directly related to greed, corruption, and evil?  What do these beliefs mean to you, and are they worth trying to adopt?  If not, why?


2 Responses to “What are your beliefs about money?”

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  2. This is a very interesting exercise and should certainly shed new insight on personal opinions regarding money. As to your last paragraph, I definitely believe that sometimes money is not directly related to corruption, greed, and evil. I have the pleasure of knowing some true philanthropists, and their endeavors have removed a lot of my cynicism.

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