Throw a big party (Exercise #18)

June 3, 2006

I'm an introvert, and before last year, shuddered at the thought of throwing a party. I was a party-attender, not a party-thrower, and the thought of inventing a reason, recruiting people, and preparing whatever it was that party-throwers prepared made me freeze up and/or run away. At the same time, I've always envied the life of event and party planners.

Throwing a party, especially if it's not normally your thing, is a great chance to create an entire experience for your friends. From music, to food, to choice of attendees, to entertainment (if any), you can create a vision of a couple hours length and let it explode into a life of its own.

I just threw a party this last weekend for my 30th birthday, and though it was rather stressful and worrisome at times, the stressful and worrisome aspects of it were probably the most enjoyable… as they helped me work towards the vision with more focus. Few things get you to act with the determination and attention that fear of public failure. Haha, I am mostly kidding.

The great thing about parties is that they can be any size in scope… from a small gathering of close friends to a rented venue with bands, djs, or performers, to a multi-day festival out in the desert. Choose a scope that feels uncomfortable to you, tap your social circle for people who can help you think about how to do it right, and pick a date not too far in the future. Start telling people about it right away.

The other great thing about parties is that they are over quickly. An evening is over almost as soon as it is begun, and other than cleaning up and apologizing for drunk dials of the previous night, there's very little follow-up.

Throwing a big party is a great way to inject momentum into your life. Once you throw one, you'll begin to think about the next one, and the next, and the snowball of fun will roll right over you, and carry you along with it.


4 Responses to “Throw a big party (Exercise #18)”

  1. timethief Says:

    I’m a faithful reader who enjoys your postings but thus far I have no valuable comment to make. Truth be told I feel you’er a little too brainy for me to approach lest I sound lame. Something moved me this morning when courtesy of feedblitz I was reading your last two posts and drinking my morning cup of tea. I decided to drop you a line, tell you your writing is fine and ask you to keep it coming. You see I visit a lot of blogs for about 30 seconds and then I’m out of there. I realized I struck gold when I found your web log and this morning I also realized that I would miss your blog if it was gone. :-D

  2. Pronoia Says:

    Thank you, timethief. You know, I’m just getting started with this thing and without that many readers I sometimes slack a little. Encouragement like yours keeps the spirit alive, though. Thanks.

  3. MSC Says:

    **cough** This is #18…

    ::innocent look::


    Keep up the good work!

  4. Pronoia Says:

    Oops, you’re right! I fixed it. Exercise #19: Learn to count. :)

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