Work a four-day work week (Exercise #14)

May 13, 2006

Ryan Carson has a great article over at A List Apart about working only four days a week. I've only worked four days a week for the last year and a half and think it is a significant contributor to my enjoyment of life. This is despite the fact that I love my job as well. Things are easier to love when you are at your best while doing them. Many parts of our corporate culture have become focused on productivity, and yet the tools for productivity aren't present. Instead of encouraging people to be productive, many corporate environments are time prisoners. You have to be there 40 hours, if not longer. If you're in one of these environments I encourage you to challenge the system and see if you can convince them that you will can be more productive while spending less time in the office by working a four day work week. Some excellent tips in the article mentioned above, as well as in the comments.



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