Begin with the end in mind

April 22, 2006

The end for me is to reach a state of self-sustaining radical mutual-improvement with the people around me. I want to fill a hole that I see in the world–a space that exists between life hacking, personal development, and the things you want to do with your life, where using technology and psychology and common sense and existing well-known practices in society and religion to improve yourself and others really works in an deliberate way that is benefitial to all and not reliant on hype or marketing. Gandhi and Benjamin Franklin both described their philosophy on life as mutual-improvement, where you never have to engage in win-lose scenarios, and adversity is not something that you avoid, but instead accept as a challenge that will act as a catalyst in you and everyone else's benefit.

To be more specific, in the short term this means:

1) Starting a life-coaching business or possibly non-profit organization (I haven't decided yet) that is inspired from existing organizations like Toastmasters, Alcoholics Anonymous, investment clubs, Juntos, book clubs, Vipassana meditation retreats, Landmark Forum, Mormonism, pickup artists (it's actually sort of interesting), and of course the new field life coaching itself. Some small details include an inexpensive membership, weekly or bi-weekly meetings, an emphasis on interviews and problem-solving, and occassional "What's your best idea?" conferences.

2) Opening a bar/art gallery in Seattle with a friend. It will be small, able to be run by one person on Sundays-Thursdays and two people on Friday and Saturday night. Very limited food options, only open from 5pm-2am, and integrated with the life-coaching business so that members can hold meetings there.

3) Writing a book/manifesto to help build these other things off of. I've found that I cannot keep all of the ideas involved in this project in my head at once. Memory needs to be improved or supplemented in order to better manage these ideas. I think my options are to either become more concise in my articulation of the ideas, or develop a memorization trick in the form of a book.

4) Contribute to the conversation of life hacking and self-improvement, and converse with some of my role-models that are currently writing about this on the internet.


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